A Visual Feast

Become a collaborator of the experience! The real beauty of visual art is that it allows for multiple interpretations, asking for a piece of the audience as they both consciously and unconsciously make new connections and new meanings.

Explore Your Path

Explore the artwork and unlock animations to reveal more about a character. It’s like a conversation where you steer towards topics that interest you both. Not every animation can been seen in a single run, so choose what speaks to you.

On Mobile Devices

Soon to be released on iOS and Android devices. Preferably experienced with headphones! The file size is a bit large, so you may have to delete or back-up that five minute video you accidentally took of your shoelaces.

Available now!


Only When Howling was designed to be a more contemplative and reflective experience, a temporary alternative to a world of constant distraction. The journey can be “completed” in 30+  minutes and there are no advertisements or in-app purchases included.

It is an evocative space that speaks in pictures, allowing for space and multiple interpretations.

Many interactions are waiting to be found, some are less easily spotted, while others require one of the four uses a player has on each scene.

Themes both light and dark speak of love, purpose, and gratitude, but also of sacrifice and how it isn’t always something to be avoided or met with dread as it often transforms both the person and the world around them.

The Feeling Of Something Sacred

Only When Howling was created as a tribute to those enduring connections larger than any one person, the connections that transform, give meaning, and, without denying in any way the darkness or tragedies of life, restore a deep gratitude for our existence.

Each of the three characters struggles with misunderstanding as they challenge the expectations placed upon them, though their commitment never wavers. For some, honouring what is sacred – through love and through sacrifice – is a necessary state of being.

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